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Which Countries Celebrate Christmas? – Christmas Essence in Different Parts of World!

It is almost time for Christmas, and some may say the most beautiful time of the year. For Christians, Christmas is one of the most critical times on the calendar. It is that time of year when people from all around the world come together to share their spirit of giving love and hope to humankind.

You might think Christmas is all about food and family. But I got to break it to you; it is far more religious than that. And every country that celebrates it has its way to go about it.

This cultural celebration observed by billions of people all around the world is celebrated each year on December 25. The date depicts the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to the Pew Research Center, Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with about 2.2 billion follows, which makes nearly a third of all humankind on Earth. But that was back till 2010. Now more people of all faiths and beliefs have embraced Christmas traditions.

Christmas is celebrated differently everywhere. Find out how different countries celebrate their Christmas. Not just that reading this article, you would understand the various traditions and cultures of different countries around the world. How exciting! So let’s begin:

Countries that Celebrate Christmas In The United States:

America: In America, the Christian families decorate their houses with ornaments and lights and Christmas trees. They exchange gifts and get together for a hearty meal. Moreover, it is a custom there to send Christmas cards to relatives and friends. Countries-that-Celebrate-Christmas-In-The-United-States

Canada: Canadians mostly open gifts decorate their houses with Christmas Trees, lights, and other ornaments. They often hang Christmas stockings by the fireplace too. Then at night, they enjoy meals like roast turkey with vegetables, plum puddings, and mincemeat tarts, etc.

Mexico: In Mexico, Christmas is seen as a quieter, solemn holiday. Children leave out their shoes in hopes of getting gifts from one of the Three Wise Men. Also, Mexicans bake bread with either a coin or a small doll of Jesus hidden inside.

Brazil: Brazil’s Christmas traditions come from Portugal. People go to midnight mass, followed by substantial firework displays in towns and cities on Christmas Eve. Children hang sock near windows to get a gift in exchange.

Argentina: Argentinians celebrate Christmas with Fireworks. After a late dinner, they typically launch fireworks at midnight on Christmas Eve. Some people continue the festivities with overnight parties. Some families light paper lanterns and send them into the night sky.

Venezuela: On Christmas Eve, Firework shows are very popular. Traditional Christmas music is played all over Venezuela. Many streets are closed because of the tradition of people roller-skating to the early morning church services.

Countries That Celebrate Christmas in Europe:

Ukraine: the Ukrainians celebrate their Christmas on January 7. Christmas Eve meals consist of 12 dishes representing Jesus’s 12 disciples. They decorate their Christmas trees using the fake spider web.

Russia: Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7 as well. Families unwrap gifts, eat meatless 12 dishes meal and enjoy dinner of bread dipped in honey and garlic.Countries That Celebrate Christmas In Europe

Latvia: In Latvia, you will have to recite a poem, play some instrument, or sing a song to get your Christmas present. It is one of the most Latvian traditions of Christmas.

Romania: Romanians celebrate their Christmas with fun and unique traditions. Children sing carols to receive sweets and cakes, and a person dressed up as a goat or bear causes mischief among carolers.

France: in France, Christmas celebrations start on December 6. Children get sweets and gifts. There’s a tradition of decorating Christmas trees and illuminating towns and cities. Children put their polished shoes out in front of the chimney to get sweet-filled shoes.

Norway: in Norway, it is believed witches and evil spirits emerge on Christmas. So other than usual European Christmas traditions, brooms, and similar cleaning items are all hidden away. Men of the town fire guns into the night sky.

Spain: Spanish keep the humor alive on Christmas. The children feed a character called Caga Tio, which means pooping log in hopes that it’ll grow more prominent. Moreover, they sing songs to help it evacuate presents.

Croatia: Croatia celebrates Christmas with a wreath of four different colors symbolizing hope, peace, joy, and love. Children clean their boots and place them by the window to get it filled with treats. Except, the naughty children get only golden twigs from Krampus, the Christmas monster.

Poland: Christmas celebration in Poland consists of gift-giving, church services, watching Christmas movies, and eating Christmas Eve Dinner. Carp is the main dish for dinner.

Finland: Finnish families visit sauna or cemeteries on Christmas Eve. There’s a tradition of eating porridge containing a hidden almond. Whoever finds the almond will have good luck for the rest of the year.

Countries That Celebrate Christmas In Asia:

Japan: in japan, most of the traditions come from the west. One unique thing they do is eat Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It is the most popular meal of Christmas Day in Japan.

Korea: Koreans celebrate Christmas by putting on a fantastic light display, and decorating Christmas trees. Santa visits in the evening to give gifts or money.Countries That Celebrate Christmas In Asia

India: Indians use banana or mango trees as Christmas trees. As there is a lack of fir and pine trees in the region. Churches are decorated with Poinsettia flowers and candles for midnight mass.

Philippines: in the Philippines, kids clean, polish their shoes, and leave them by the window. Then the Three Kings walk by at night to leave them presents in their shoes.

Singapore: Singapore becomes a Christmas Wonderland around the holiday season. Christmas decorations are abundant, stunning tiny fairy light decorations can be seen everywhere.

Pakistan: Pakistan is an Islamic country through Christian minority celebrate Christmas with caroling and constructing nativity scenes in homes as well in churches. Families attend Bara Din celebrations and spend their feasting with their families.

Other Countries That Celebrate Christmas:

Australia: in Australia, Christmas falls in summer, so they celebrate with a barbecue lunch on the beach. Friends and family indulge in prawns, lobsters, and sweets. They often play cricket and take a dip in the water too.Other Countries That Celebrate Christmas

South Africa: In South Africa, people visit Christmas mass, put up decorated artificial trees, shopping centers are adorned with decorations such as African crafts. At night they enjoy ‘braai,’ the South African version of BBQ.

Iceland: Christmas celebration in Iceland consists of children putting their shoes on the windowsill so Santa Claus can fill it with candies. Families get together to enjoy good food and then visit midnight mass.

Kenya: Christmas Day in Kenya is all about making a fashion statement. Kenyans wear unique Christmas clothes to church, followed by eating traditional chapati and goat meat or traditional goat curry.

Germany: Like most other countries, Germans also exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. The mother of the family decorates the tree. It may be a surprise, but Germany is responsible for the origin of Christmas trees.

England: In England, Christmas decorations start as early as mid of November. Families decorate houses with fairy lights and sparkling displays.

There are so many other countries that also celebrate Christmas beside these. Like Portugal, Finnish, Italy, UK, Greek, and Jamaica, etc.

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