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The guys are often seen perplexed and confused on Christmas regarding their outfits. Some fail to decide what color to go for and others remain confused between formals and informal. If you can relate to any of these things, we’ve you covered up. This time we are back with some exciting and decent outfit ideas for Men on Christmas and different Christmas festivities.

what to wear on christmas Day

Formal Family Dinner:

Family Dinner on Christmas Eve is a pretty formal event. So, it would be best if you got dressed accordingly. The options in formal wear are effortless and straightforward. Go for a black suit, and add a touch of Christmas to it, wear a glittery red bow-tie instead of the normal black one.

Formal Family Dinner on christmas

Lunch At the Pub:

If you are a person who loves to enjoy Christmas at a pub with friends, honestly, you don’t need to dress up well for that. A casual outfit would work the best. You can add a nice & warm scarf to add a bit of change element, and you are good to go. Keep your dress as minimalistic as possible.

Lunch At the Pub

Christmas At Home:

Some people don’t enjoy going out on Christmas and love to spend a warm & cozy Christmas at home. For people like this, getting dressed up well doesn’t make any sense. A casual outfit such as a plaid trouser under some warm sweater or cardigan would work great. A Christmas themed pajama would go well too.

Twinning with your partner:

Christmas is a time when love and romance are at their peak. Everything seems more romantic and cozier than before. This is the perfect time for couples to celebrate their love and compassion. The guys can wear a precisely similar dress to their partner’s to make them feel happy and memorable. You can wear similar cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, or any other thing of your choice.

Green Dress:

Green Dress on christmas


Most of the guys and even girls are seen a bit inclined towards green on Christmas. But they are often confused about what to pair with green. We have a solution for you. Pair a green cardigan with blue pants and a warm blue shirt. Blue and green is a pretty decent combination, and the plus point is that it suits men of all ages. So, try this combo on this year’s Christmas and slay your Christmas look.

Christmas Beanies:

Beanies are another essential component and go well with the outfit. They look cute and enhance the overall look. If you are thinking of pulling off a Beanie this Christmas, keep the following tips in mind:

Christmas Beanies

  • Match the color of your Binnie with some shade of your outfit, and this will look pretty decent and will complement the entire look.
  • If you are thinking of removing the Binnie after some time, make sure to wear it once your hair gets completely dry and use some hair spray after styling your hair.
  • Use well-fitted beanies that cannot spoil your hair and hairstyle.

Red Pants on Christmas:

If you are someone who loves to experiment with outfits, we have a brilliant catch for you. This Christmas, try to style red pants and make yourself look distinct and different.

Velvet Suit:

Velvet Suit is another fantastic option for someone who feels incredibly overwhelmed and joyous on Christmas. Go for a red or maroon color to match Christmas’s theme and express your happiness through your outfit.

Costumes on Christmas:

To take your outfit game to a whole other level, we suggest you go for funny and impressive Christmas costumes. Mix and match things and come up with an exciting ensemble. You can wear it to the Christmas party and surprise everyone. Wear plaid pants and pair them up with a lovely warm cardigan or biker jacket. Wear a dress shirt under the coat and create a great look.

Christmas Sweater:

Another outfit that will go perfectly with the Christmas theme is a red-colored patterned sweater paired up with blue jeans and wore above a white shirt. Wear a loss cap to compliment the entire look. High boots will go well too.

Checkered Shirt:

If you want to remain in between casuals and formals, pair up a checkered grey shirt with red bants and wear nice brown leather shoes with it. Fold the sleeves and go for a messy hairstyle. And you are sorted.

  • There are numerous other outfit ideas too that will make you look incredible this Christmas. Just let your aesthetic sense shine and come up with some thoughts on your own. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas season as much as you can.

Merry Christmas!

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