Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Christmas is all about having fun and making memories. And what does help you with all that? It’s Christmas, non-Christmas, and traditional activities! These activities become all the more fun when you share them with your family and friends. Things go haywire almost every year.

So this Christmas, try planning a little early for a family fun day. Please start with the suggestions we have lined out in this year’s bucket list for you. If you have already planned the day, it is all good, but if you haven’t, we’ve got your back. We got 25 fun activates that are perfect for your bucket list of Christmas, here they are:

The Best Christmassy Stuff to Do This 2020:

Write a Letter to Santa: Be sure Santa loves to read and every word of the letter you write to him. So this Christmas make it a plan to write to him.

Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree: What’s more fun way to spend this special day to cut down your own Christmas tree.

Hang Stockings: A lovely Christmassy tradition to hang socks or sock-shaped bags so that on Christmas day, Santa can fill them with toys, coins, or candies.

Find the hidden Elves: On Christmas, these tiny, cute elves are placed everywhere to keep an eye on the naughty kids and report it back to Santa. They keep changing their hiding place, which makes it a fun game to find these hidden elves with your kids.

Build a Snowman: There is no reason for you to stay inside if it’s a white Christmas. What can be more fun than building a snowman with your friends and family?

Get Your Picture Taken with Santa: If you have a child or you are a child at heart, Christmas is the perfect time to get your picture taken with your favourite man with a beard. You guessed it, Santa! Hit the mall till he’s there.

Take a Family Christmas Photo :If you had your picture with Santa, maybe it’s time to take one with your next favourite guy with a beard. A family photo will complement the whole Christmassy spirit.

Drink Eggnog: Make the happiest day of the year a whole lot sweeter with the unique drink made of sugar, milk, cream, whipped eggs, spices, and a touch of alcohol.

Eat a Candy Cane: The next best thing on the list you got to eat on Christmas day is the Candy Cane.

Make Some Cookies for Santa: Even if you don’t believe in Santa anymore, you can still have fun making cookies for the day. If Santa doesn’t turn up, you can eat them yourself.

Start a New Tradition : Christmas is the perfect time to come up with your tradition. So this Christmas intensifies the fun with starting a new tradition.

DIY Crafts to Make On Christmas 2020:

Make a Homemade Gift: Making a gift with your own hands increases its value all the more. Plus, it’s fun too.

Make an Ornament: Challenge your creativity this year, make your ornaments to hang on the tree for this Christmas. It would be more fun than getting the crafted ornaments from the store.

Create Handmade Christmas Cards: If you are sure you can create some pretty festive Christmas cards, then it’s time to make your family and friends go WOW!

Make a Wreath for Your Front Door : What’s more welcoming than having a crafted wreath from your hand on the front door. Give your guests a warm surprise by placing a beautiful wreath crafted by you this Christmas.

Make a Popcorn Garland for the Tree: This may be the tastiest craft you can make to hang on the Christmas tree. You need a heavy-duty thread to hold the popcorn together. And remember to hang them higher on the tree, so they don’t become your pet’s food.

Build a Gingerbread House: There’s nothing quite like the house-made up of gingerbread on Christmas. You can try a recipe available online or buy a gingerbread house kit. It is way more comfortable than it sounds, so make sure to try it out.

Make Paper Snowflakes: Making paper snowflakes are always a fun activity to enjoy with your family. You can hang them on the Christmas tree, decorate some presents with it and even stick some of them on your house windows.

Make and Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater: If you know how to knit and Christmas is on its way, it’s the perfect timing to get started on your customized Christmas sweater. Knitting Christmas sweater is always fun, and they add the Christmas feeling to your attire.

Indoor Activities to Do This Christmas:

Sip on Hot Chocolate by the Fire: What’s more relaxing way to spend your Christmas indoors than sip on the good old hot chocolate. It’s the perfect way to come up with your Christmas plans while keeping yourself warm.

Make a Christmas Tune Playlist: If you aren’t going to play some Christmas tunes on this auspicious day, what will you do? So make sure you have decided on your playlist because there is a lot of Christmas music in the market.

Watch a Holiday Movie Favorite: Have a favorite Christmas movie? There is a lot you could watch with your family. So slip onto your comfy sofa, prepare some popcorn, and switch on your DVD. If you want a suggestion, it’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, A Christmas Story, or Miracle on 34th Street.

Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: It’s a classic poem that deserves a place in every Christmas to-do list. Get your copy of the poem online and read along with your family.

Roast Chestnuts on an Open Fire: One of the most favourite activities to do this Christmas in the winter is got to be roasting chestnut. Get yourself a chestnut roaster and make them at home this holiday season.

Spend an Evening Wrapping Presents: Wrapping presents a night before giving them to your relatives and friends could be a fun activity. Moreover, this could be a fun activity to share some memorable moments with your family.

Spend the Day Baking Christmas Cookies: Having a house full of cookies smell is just what you need at Christmas. So if you enjoy baking, making cookies should be on your bucket list for this year.

Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Want to know an easy and fun way to exchange gifts with family & friends? The Secret Santa Gift Exchange is your answer. Everyone got to buy the gift written on the paper they draw.

Outdoor Activities to Do This Christmas:

Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony: Are you looking for a little fun outdoors? How about attending the tree lighting ceremony. Many locations will hold the ceremony honoring the lighting trees. People gather around enjoying hot cocoa and seeing the lights.

Go to a Local Christmas Festival: Attend a local festival in your city to witness the lightening of the trees, a parade of lights welcoming the Santa, and much more. This may be the best way to spend time outdoors with your family and friends.

Connect With an Out of Town Friend: Is there a friend you have meant to meet with? Christmas is the perfect occasion to invite that friend or friends for a fun day out.

See the Nutcracker Ballet: What wouldn’t you give to experience a little escape to the dreamland? The exquisite ballet performance of The Nutcracker is the story of a young girl’s Christmas Eve celebration. It is a must-see show on the Christmas at least once in your life.

Go Ice Skating: One of the most popular activities during the Christmas season is ice skating. The rinks start popping up at every place that has snow. So put on your pair of blades and glide through the ice.

Dressed Up and Go To A Holiday Party: Have a holiday season party lined up for the night? Then this is the time to get dressed up and hit the road.

Have a Snowball Fight : What’s the point of all that snow if you aren’t going to have a snowball fight? Gather your family and friends and have a blast in the snow.

With this many options on your plate, you can easily pick anything and have fun. Let’s hope we have helped you decide on a plan to make some new memories with your family and friends. So until next time and before I forget, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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