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2020 Wish list: What Should I Ask For Christmas? 2020 Wish list: Things to Ask For Christmas?

Christmas, the time when streets get filled with lightening, Christmas carols, and much more. There are only a few months when the times come to get together and make fun memories. But what makes Christmas most heartwarming? It’s the gifts that make us feel wanted, loved, and appreciated.

Christmas wishlist 2020 For boyfriend and girlfriend

Nearly everyone struggles with this question, “what to ask for Christmas?” If you are also one of such people, this is the article you need to read. From most conventional to surprising gifts, from common to straight masterpieces, we’ve got them all from fun to more practical tips. What’s unique about these gifts is that they suit everyone. 

We’ll make your Christmas a whole lot more fun and enjoyable with our ultimate list of coolest, large and small gifts, gadgets, and goodies that will fit right into anyone’s Christmas wish list.  

What to Ask For Christmas For Men?Gifts for men on christmas

  • Your Favorite Aftershave: have you had a fragrance that struck you just right? Then this Christmas is your chance to ask for your favorite aftershave. If you don’t want to risk getting something that smells like alcohol, remember to mention exactly what you want.
  • New Sneakers: what fun is Christmas if you don’t ask for a new pair of sneakers? There is nothing like treading the house in box-fresh footwear. Make this Christmas a chance for your feet to enjoy that unbeatable feeling.
  • Wrist Watch: One of the most common jewelry for men. It’s used daily and is practical as well. The only problem is they are generally priced heavily. But that’s not your problem you ain’t paying.
  • Sunglasses: wait a minute, before you question my sanity and ask who wears sunglasses in winter? Let me tell you this is for future reference. I mean, you could use a gift that will go a long way. Until then, they are the best cover for probable New Year’s hangover.
  • Whiskey: there is no excuse for this if you ask me, you could have won a lottery, your wedding anniversary or any happy occasion, big or small. Out of all events, Christmas is one you can’t spend without a hangover.


What to Ask For Christmas For Women?

christmas gifts for women 2020 Gifts ideas

  • Your Favorite Perfume: if you know a fragrance that you’d like on you this Christmas, ask for it. Make sure you let them know precisely what you want and if you have an empty bottle lying around all the better.
  • A Good Cookbook: if you are one of those women who like cooking, a cookbook would add the tang to your dishes. While you might find new recipes a little complex, they are a challenge nonetheless to your womanly virtues. You might even find it intriguing.
  • Jewelry: need a touch-up to your natural style? A piece of jewelry might be just perfect for this Christmas. It could be anything from necklaces, bracelets to earrings. If you want something precise, you might add a photo or an online shop’s link to your request.
  • Knitwear: a stylish and cozy women knitwear is never a bad idea to add to your Christmas wishlist. Ideal for wearing around the house on a cold winter’s day or night. Good quality knitwear would add glory to your winter wardrobe.
  • House Plant: want to add that natural touch to your house interior this year? A house plant might be the plan, especially in the winter season, when all you can see outside the window is snow miles and miles. 

What to Ask For Christmas For Girls?

Christmas day gifts ideas for girls 2020 Ideas

  • Bedside Lamp: a bedside lamp is always a good gift to give to teenage girls. If you just moved out to your room, this might be what you’re missing. And if it’s a salt lamp, then it’s even better. According to a search, there are no teenage girls without one in their room.
  • Mini Gloss Set: there isn’t any beauty product more perfect for a girl than lip gloss. It’s an ideal gift for any girl who loves makeup. Its minimal effort to make you look beautiful, all while adding shine and glow to your face.
  • Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Skincare Kit: another one of the essentials to keep you beautiful. What comes before makeup? Skincare, of course! If there is a facial cleansing or pore removal brand in your eyes, quickly add it to your wishlist for this Christmas 2020.
  • Bags & Totes: if you love outdoor fun and want a carrier for all your essential prepping gear, a bag, or better, a tote bag would be a perfect gift. Have your pick of different brands and styles in the market. There are a lot, and there’s got to be one which caught your eye too.
  • The Nameplate Necklace: nameplate necklaces are so in these days. If you are also craving one of those, this is the best time to ask for it. A nameplate necklace that came from someone else’s expense is the highlight of all gifts. 

What to Ask For Christmas For Boys?

Christmas day gifts ideas for boys 2020 Ideas

  • Mobile Case: The mobile case is easily the most useful and practical gift you can ask this Christmas. Especially the iPhone X/XS Wallet Case that has been famous recently. This phone slash money holder fits cash and three cards perfectly—the ideal hand carrier for a teenage guy.
  • Wireless Charger: have you ever fallen after stumbling into the phone charger cord in the night? Yeah, we feel your pain. Well, this Christmas gives you a chance to ask for a wireless charger. Drop wireless charger is the perfect choice as it is compatible with every phone. Be it an iPhone, Samsung, LG, or another.
  • Skateboard: out for a quick trip somewhere? Then a skateboard is easily the best alternative to walking on foot. You’ll love a Quip Skateboard 22.5 this Christmas. It is comfortable to skate around, and best of all, it fits into a backpack.
  • AirPods: jogging time will be more fun with AirPods in your ears. If you’ve been dying to get these wireless headphones, this is your chance. Ask for it this Christmas.
  • Black Leather Wrap Bracelet in Stainless Steel: if you don’t mind wearing a little accessory. This is the perfect gift you can ask for this Christmas if you are a jewelry person. A wrap bracelet that comes with a metal clasp and is made of stainless steel is a good gift you can wear every day.

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