What Stores Are Open On Christmas Day?

What Stores Are Open On Christmas Day – Best Picks for Last-Minute Shopping:

Ah, Christmas Day, a friend and family holiday that you just got to love. But it could quickly turn to otherwise if a store near-by, you thought you’d run to for emergency supplies, or last-minute gifts just to find it closed.

Christmas day could bring you a bunch of surprises and a favorite store closed could be one of them. So, to make sure you don’t run into a brick wall, we’ve compiled a list of stores open on Christmas Day including their hours.

But to be precise, make sure you call the store before visiting to make sure they are open. Because most of the time it’s the managers and franchise owners who call the shots so we could be wrong too.

So if you need some emergency medications or a sickly person, or need last-minute kitchen supplies, you forgot to buy before Christmas or just want to grab a bite to eat we’ve got your covered. Look no further than this; we’ve got all pharmacies, convenience & grocery stores, movies to watch, and even restaurant options:

Pharmacies Open on Christmas Day 2020:

There are some Major Chain Pharmacies open on Christmas day this 2020. The best part, they often contain last-minute gifts and decorations, batteries, and snacks. They even have photo services to keep you going on Christmas Day.

Here’s the list of the pharmacies you might find open on Christmas Day 2020:

CVS: All CVS will open from 8 AM to 9 PM on Christmas Day except locations inside Target Stores.

Walgreens/Duane Reade: Walgreens that are usually open 24/7 will also be open on Christmas day. Still, there are some Walgreens locations open for limited hours. They will be open from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Rite Aid: Like on usual days Most of the Rite Aid locations will be open 24/7 on Christmas Day too.

Convenience Stores Open on Christmas Day 2020:

Need a place to pick up essentials or last-minute additions to your holiday meals? You’ve got it. Because there is likely one or two convenience stores open near you on Christmas Day, you can even pick up some last-minute gifts, lottery tickets, or candy for stockings.

Hers the list of open convenience stores on Christmas Day 2020 enjoy:

7-Eleven: Most of the 7-Elevens stores are open 24/7 which includes Christmas Day. If there’s a 7-Eleven store near you, then know they’re open for your needs.

Circle K/Courche-Tard: Most Circle K/Courche-Tard locations are open every single day of the year, including Christmas.

Speedway: Speedway is another option for the Christmas day. These locations are open 24/7 which includes Christmas.

Casey’s: All Casey’s locations are also open on Christmas Day until 10 AM when usually they open 24 hours a day.

Cumberland Farms: Almost all Cumberland Farms locations will be open on Christmas Day from 7 AM straight to midnight. Another thing, in some years they give away free coffee.

Sheetz: Along with the others most of the Sheetz stores will also be open on Christmas day this year.

Wawa: All Wawa stores, including 24-hour locations, will be open on Christmas day on usual operating hours.

QuickCheck: They’ll also be open on their usual hours during Christmas.

There may be other stores open in your area give them a quick call before going there to make sure they are free.

Grocery Stores Open On Christmas Day 2020:

Did you miss some ingredients for your holiday dinner? This grocery store list opens on Christmas day might help you:

Albertsons: Most Albertson’s locations are open on Christmas day with no exception to this year. The working hours will be from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Giant: Giant stores will also remain open on Christmas Day between hours 8 AM to 5 PM.

Safeway: Some of the Safeway’s will be open on Christmas Day too, just remember to ring them up before going for more details.

Retail Stores Open On Christmas Day 2020:

Forget to get a gift for someone, or are you just a last-minute shopper? It’s perfectly normal; we understand that; it happens. So here are some retail shop options that’ll be open on Christmas Day:

Family Dollar: Most Family Dollar stores will be open on Christmas Day, some for 24 hours even while others for limited hours. You’d have to contact the store to know their specific hours.

Starbucks: you don’t have to want coffee to visit Starbucks. Because on Christmas days you can go to buy gifts like mugs, gift cards or other treats.

A Few Movies to Watch on Christmas Day 2020:

Do you know what would make a perfect date with your family, friends, or your girlfriend/boyfriend? A movie on a Christmas day!

I know what you think what theatres would be open on Christmas day? What movies will play on that day?

Well, you’re in luck some epic movies premiere during the holiday season. This year, they’ll be THREE! There are some significant openings planned for this year. So pick one of these movies playing on Friday, December 18, 2020:

West Side Story: Under the direction of Steven Spielberg, the long-awaited remake of the beloved movie will finally be opening for the holidays.

Coming 2 America: up for another all-star cast movie? Another highly-anticipated remake “Coming 2 America” will also be opening on the same day as the previous one on the list.

Dune: if you are a fan of sci-fi blockbusters you’ve got a choice in “Dune” also opening on December 18 like others.  Yet another breathtaking holiday movie with the biggest Hollywood stars.

Tom and Jerry: This year is also offering kids something special for their entertainment. A live-action movie starring cartoon characters, “Tom and Jerry” is opening on Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

Restaurants Open on Christmas Day 2020:

So what completes that perfect date? Dinner at a fancy restaurant! Tired of all-day merrymaking and want to grab a bite? Then here a list of open restaurants open on Christmas day:

Some are even open 24 hours like these:

Denny’s: Almost all Denny’s are open 24 hours, and they stick to the same schedule on Christmas Day.

IHOP: All IHOPs are also open on Christmas Day as per their usual 24/7 hours schedule.

Village Inn: Village Inns are another option for Christmas Day. You will need to look into the hours because many locations may open later or close earlier than usual on Christmas.

Waffle House: Waffle House will be open on Christmas Day, also for a 24/7 regular schedule.

Huddle House: Huddle House which is usually open 24/7, will be open for Christmas this year too.

All of these restaurants will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so forget about cooking this holiday season. Some other restaurants will be open all three times too, and they are:

Boston Market: Some of the Boston Markets will be open on Christmas Day too from morning till night. But remember to give a call to your nearest location to make sure they’re open.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Some Dunkin’ Donuts will be open but likely for limited hours. So, you got to call before going there as well.

McDonald’s: One of the most famous fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s will be open on Christmas. The corporate-owned locations will be public, but the franchises will be closed.

Perkins: Many Perkins will be open, but some franchise owners could decide otherwise. Contact them before heading out.

Golden Corral: Most Golden Corrals will also be open but with special holiday hours. These hours can vary from location to location, especially their closing times. So have to look up at their schedule first if you want to visit.

Shoney’s: Some Shoney’s will be open for Christmas Day with a special Christmas buffet in the evening. But remember to call ahead to confirm the hours.

Bakers Square: Bakers Squares will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they close early. So check for their specific hours.

Then there are some restaurants open for just lunch and dinner, and here they are:

Panda Express: Some Panda Express’s will stay open for Christmas Day too. You might want to check their regular hours, for each one locally and independently owned.

Buffalo Wild Wings: why not add some wings to your Christmas meal this year. Buffalo Wild Wings will be open. Ring up the local location for hours.

Buca di Beppo: All Buca di Beppo restaurants will be open for lunch and dinner on this Christmas day. Some of them have a special Christmas menu, but you need to make a reservation.

Luby’s Cafeteria: Selected locations will be open on Christmas day from Luby’s Cafeteria chain. The best part is you can order your Christmas meal home too. You can see the Luby’s Christmas menu online before the actual day.

McCormick & Schmick’s: All McCormick & Schmick’s places will be open for Christmas Day. You can have your lunch and dinner along with a special menu just for Christmas.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House: Ruth’s Chris will be open starting at noon on Christmas Day.

Smith & Wollensky: All Smith & Wollensky locations will be open on Christmas Day starting from noon until 9 PM.

Legal Sea Foods: You can enjoy some delicious seafood at Legal Sea Foods on Christmas Day. They will be open for lunch and dinner.

Aside from the list above Selected Benihana restaurants, all Chart House restaurants and all Fogo De Chão locations will be open for Christmas this year.

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