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Christmas is a time that is celebrated all around the world with great excitement and joy. The Christmas traditions vary in various regions around the globe. These varied Christmas Traditions are present there for centuries and are passing from generation to generation. Like the Christmas traditions, the “Santa” is also different in different parts of the world. In some world regions, people believe that Santa visits the town and leaves presents for the children a night before Christmas or Christmas eve. Others believe that there are 13 different Santa, and they visit the village during the entire month of December.

Just like these traditions and concepts of Santa, the things that children leave out for Santa also varies. Here is a list of some of the things that children love to leave out for Santa.

Milk and Cookies in the US In the United States, children love to leave milk and cookies for Santa too much when he gives them a night visit. This tradition is widespread in the US and is witnessed for numerous decades.

leave milk and cookies for santa claus

However, some people like to deviate from this common tradition and leave pizza, carrots, or other things for Santa.

  1. Cookies With Beer in Australia: Similar to the US, children in Australia also leave cookies for Santa to munch on. Suppose you have a little bit idea about Australia and its temperature fluctuations. In that case, you must be aware that December is summertime in Australia. The people of Australia are fond of sipping on beer in summer. That is why Australia’s commonly known tradition is to leave out a glass of beer and cookies.
  2. Ireland: Pint of Guinness: The Christmas traditions in Ireland are different from the practices in the US or Australia. People of Ireland leave out a pint of Guinness for the Santa, and this tradition is famous there.
  3. Sherry Glass in England: Just like the people in Australia and Ireland, the children in England leave alcoholic beverages for Santa too. The people believe that Santa would love to sip on a glass of Sherry. This tradition has gained popularity in England years ago and is still loved and practiced by England’s people. Another thing that England’s residents love to do is add a mince of pie in the drink.
  4. Hay and Water in Argentina: No, you are guessing it wrong. The children in Argentina do not leave out hay and water for the Santa. Do you know how long the Christmas celebrations last in Argentina? They last till the 6th of January, which is King’s Day. The children of this country leave out water and hay for the King’s horse. They do that a night before the King’s Day.
  5. Hay and Carrots in the Netherlands: In most parts of Europe, the people firmly believe that reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh. In some parts of Europe, including Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the people have the opposite faith. They believe that a horse pulls the sleigh of Santa. That is the reason the children in the Netherlands leave out carrots and hay. These are not for Santa but his horse. The children believe that these carrots and hay will give the horse strength that will enable him to make Santa’s visit earlier than usual.
  6. Leaf Bread in Iceland: The people of Iceland believe that 13 Santas visit the town throughout December. In Iceland, Christmas lasts for about 26 Days. It is a tradition for the children to leave out laufabrauð, also called leaf bread for those Santas. The laufabrauð is thanks to the Santas for all the presents.
  7. Carrots and Biscuits in France: The children in France leave out biscuits for Santa Claus to ensure that he doesn’t leave their place hungry. They also leave carrots for the reindeer.

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Bottom Line:

Different people belonging to other regions have different ways of expressing their respect and gratitude towards Santa. That is why you have seen various things mentioned above. But that does not matter. The thing that matters the most is the expression of appreciation and not how it’s being done.

Happy Christmas Celebrations!

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