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Christmas cactus is a beautiful and popular house plant. When these plants grow, it comes out with beautiful shades in pink colour. This plant is long-lasting with elementary requirements for its growth. Christmas cactus need moisture during its proper development in spring and summer, manage the conditions during plant growth like real darkness, temperature, and water availability. These cactus do not grow everywhere need an exceptional environment for their development, a suitable environment for their growth is epiphyte living in tree branches in the rain forest of Brazil!

Christmas Cactus Tree OR Christmas Cactus Plant:

Christmas cactus is a hybrid plant. Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) plant is a plant with pink colour flowers. Most of the people also called it a Christmas cactus tree. This plant has six to nine species. Christmas cactus plant is much more different from a common desert cactus. It is found on coastal mountains mostly in shady and humid places.

Tips For Christmas Cactus Care:

When you are growing Christmas cactus at home, you have to take a lot of cautions for its proper growth. The directions for Christmas cactus care are as follows.

  1. Keep the cactus in root bound in the sandy soil
  2. Water your plant when the soil is arid
  3. Keep your cactus in the humidity environment than the dry environment
  4. When we grow a plant some of its buds fall off, so don’t worry if cactus buds fall off it’s a natural process
  5. During day time temperature must be 70 degrees F, and at night it will be 55-65 degree F
  6. Bloom time for the Christmas plant depend on its variety
  7. In the spring fertilize your plant after flowering, and in summer put them in shady areas
  8. In winter place your plant at the place where it will get four to six hours of indirect sunlight

Care For Indoor And Outdoor Christmas Cactus:

The suitable condition for their growth is moisture environment other than a dry climate. So we should keep in mind to provide proper moisture according to need. The water requirements are different for Christmas plant if place in indoor or outdoor, like this plant needs more water two or three times in a week when area outdoor, especially in the sun. When this cactus plant is placed indoor in a humid or cold place, it will need less water once in a week. Give the little amount of water during winter to help to regulate its bloom.

Christmas Cactus Care

In general, water your Christmas cactus from the top. Put some pieces of pebbles and pour water from them; the pot should not be sitting directly in water. When you put your cactus outdoor, make sure that you put it under shady areas, because when we put this plant under direct sunlight, it will burn the leaves. During summer, when topsoil of plant dries give water to your cactus, and when September arrives put your cactus plant indoors to protect it from the insect’s attack.

Well Drain Container/Soil And Use Ff Fertilizer:

For the container chosen, the nursery planter or plastic baskets will be best, so fill the box with soil that may be the sand, peat moss, and sharp sand. The put little amount of water after sometime estimate 12 hours put more water at room temperature. Repeat this process according to your plant condition and environment you provide.

For the complete growth of the plant, it is necessary to provide condition in which insects does not attack the plant and damage it. So it would be helpful if you offered to fertilize to your plant for its proper growth. The best time to apply fertilizer is after 2-3 weeks. The joints of the plant are sensitive and can be break easily or damage due to insects or pets. Generally, we provide fertilizer 3-4 times in a year to protect it from poor health, but you should stop provide fertilizers before the bud appears.

Seasonally Change Water Schedule:

Over water or underwater is also a problem of Christmas cactus, so you should be well aware of this. If we provide too much water to the plant, it will cause the white spot on leaves, and leave swill to fall off. Water schedule depends on the environment and time of year.

During October stop giving water to plant and resume watering in November. If you feel the pot is dry, then you will only place the moist pebbles in your pool. When the plant is at its bloom condition, you should stop watering the plant for about six weeks for the rest of the plant, when growth appears you will resume watering.

One of the bad things about this plant is its bud stage, at which the plant starts to drop off the plant. This drop off will be due to over watering or due to insufficient light, if this will happens, start giving water and place plant at humidity place. Place plant away from the hot site or dry environment.

Christmas Cactus Problems:

Christmas cactus is far different from desert cactus. So, you have to take much care regarding this plant. If you do not take proper supervision, you might face some problems. The Christmas cactus problems are as follows.

If you give excessive or inadequate water to your plant, it may wilt or die. This condition is known as root rot. Some Christmas cactus may develop at a brown spot at the basal line. This brown spot is due to a pathogen so, use a pesticide for its management. If the plant gets spotted, yellowed, or wilt; this is due to impatiens necrotic spot virus. For this, you have to take strict measurements.

If you follow all the Christmas cactus care tips correctly, you can overcome many Christmas cactus problems.

How To Care Christmas Cactus Video:

Video by Garden Answer

How To Get A Christmas Cactus To Bloom?

Get a Christmas cactus to bloom by lowering the temperature. Good light is essential for the blooming of cactus plant; little water and the optimum temperature is also an integral part. If you manage these conditions in the right manner, you can adequately bloom your plant during seasoning. When the weather is about 50 to 60 degrees F (15-18 0 C), day and night length is equal, and it will set bud.

During September and October, a plant must place in a cold room but not freezing temperatures. During fall month, plant indirect place in daylight but darkness during at night about 12 hours or more. Being the dark plant will full bloom in October, and place them in the dark until you see the bud formation. At this point, you should increase humidity, light, water and temperature.

Prune the Christmas plant after the blooming; this will help the plant to branch out. The plant roots may damage after a couple of years, so you need the new pot for you to plant when all nutrient in soil deplete. When you replant your cactus, you should use good quality soil, so that your plant remains for a long time. All these above tips will make your Christmas cactus to bloom.

Christmas Cactus And Cats:

The colors of the Christmas cactus attract your cat, and they can eat to taste it and feel its texture.

Most of the people get confused that either this cactus plants are poisonous for cats or not.

Is Christmas Cactus Poisonous To Cats?

Christmas cactus is not poisonous for the cats at all. It is harmless, unlike other household plants. But the pesticides and insecticides used on this cactus to kill the insects can be harmful to cats. Besides this, the sharp spines of the cactus can harm the cats as well when they try to eat it. So, be careful while handling this plant. These spines can also injure their paw. So, try to keep it away from your cats. If your cat is sensitive, then it might catch allergic from this plant upon ingestion.

Christmas Cactus FAQS:

1. How often do you water a Christmas cactus?

I water my indoor cactus only once a week.

2. How can you tell if a Christmas cactus is overwatered?

The first sign of overwatered cactus is limp leaves that will start to drop off. Later on, the stems and branches will soften and get mushy.

3. Why are the leaves on my Christmas cactus limp?

It is because the cactus is overwatered.

4. Do you water a Christmas cactus from the top or bottom?

I water my cactus whenever the topsoil gets dry. Indoor cactus needs less water than an outdoor one.

5. Do Christmas cacti need a lot of suns?

Bright sunlight is good for cactus but ensures that the sunlight that reaches the Christmas cactus is indirect. Direct sunlight may burn the leaves of the cactus.

6.How long can a Christmas cactus alive?

A Christmas cactus can live for 20 to 30 years. Isn’t it amazing!

7. Why is my Christmas cactus turning purple?

It is because of the sunburn. Please change the location of your cactus to prevent direct sunlight from reaching it.

8. Is Christmas cactus poisonous to cats or dogs?

The Christmas cactus is not poisonous to cats or dogs. But don’t feed your pets the leaves of cactus, of course. This can cause diarrhoea and severe vomiting.


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