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Christmas is a big day for all Christians around the world. It’s a blessed day for them, and what day can be better than Christmas to tie the knot with your life partner. Therefore, Christmas weddings are quite common.

It is a fantastic idea to arrange a Christmas themed wedding. You can do a lot of things at a Christmas wedding. It may include classic and elegant wedding ideas or some quirky ideas. You can go for simple Christmas theme weddings or grand weddings. It is entirely your choice. But don’t forget to infuse the touch of Christmas at your wedding happening in the Christmas season.

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas:

After deciding on a Christmas wedding, the next step is incredible and elegant decoration ideas for Christmas wedding. If you are on the hunt for some fantastic Christmas wedding decoration ideas, you are in the right place. Here are some decoration ideas that you can consider while planning a Christmas wedding.

Christmas Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Hall:

To infuse the soothing touch of Christmas and winters in your wedding, choose a magical and classy decoration. You can use glass-like transparent chairs and an elegant white backdrop. To enhance the touch of Christmas, add some red-colored settings too. 

Magical Lighting:

In any wedding, lighting plays the most crucial role. The lighting controls the entire vibe of a marriage. At a Christmas wedding, choose soft-colored lights to enlighten your wedding hall. To make it look like a Christmas wedding, you can add a red tint in the white lighting effect.

Christmas Tree Bouquet:

You must have seen the decoration of flowers and bouquets at weddings. But have you ever seen a Christmas tree like a bouquet? It is a fantastic idea to design a bouquet based on the Christmas tree to make your Christmas themed wedding more elegant. These bouquets can be used as wall decoration, placed on different hall corners for decoration purposes. They can also be used to decorate the tables at the wedding.

Ice Bucket:

Another fantastic thing you can do to add more detail to your Christmas wedding decoration is to design the ice bucket to keep the Christmas theme in mind. Use red, green, and white-colored flowers petals and make your ice bucket one of its kind. You can also use green coloured leaves and red cherry blossom to make it look aesthetically pleasing. This beautiful ice bucket will not only serve as an excellent addition to your theme but will not let your drinks and juices to warm up. So, include this unique bucket in your ornaments’ list and enjoy chilled drinks!

Wedding Chair Decor:

The wedding chairs can also be designed differently for a Christmas wedding. Please keep it simple and elegant and use a combination of red and white ribbons for decorating the chairs. You can make a bow out of these ribbons to give your chairs a soothing and romantic look. Another thing that you can do is to use white chairs and decorate them with red stripes and vice versa.

Snowflakes Shaped Decoration:

Snowflakes are not only the symbol of winters, but they represent Christmas somehow. You can use snowflake-shaped items in your decoration. Hang lights in the shape of a snowflake or use a snowflake-shaped flower ring. There are a lot of things that can be done with this design. You need to be a bit creative and put some effort, and you are done!

Christmas Themed Napkins:

To add a further touch of Christmas to your wedding, use Christmas themed napkins. These may include napkins printed in red and white, Santa Claus themed napkins, and much more.

Christmas Wedding Invitations:

Wedding invitations are the most critical part of any wedding. They are the basic need for any wedding. These days wedding invitations are designed in various elegant and incredible ways. They are kept as luxurious as possible. As we are talking about Christmas themed weddings, why not create the wedding invitation on the same theme. You can design a full white card with the details engraved on it in red color. To seal the envelope, a red ribbon will look the best. Another fantastic thing that you can do to make your wedding invite Christmas ready is to decorate it with a red berry design and Christmas trees on the bottom. Keep the font of the invite festive and informal. 

Christmas Wedding Cakes:

If you are looking for some ideas for a mesmerizing Christmas wedding cake, your wat is over. At your Christmas wedding, cut a white cake decorated with red cherries and some pearls in red and white embedded on it. You can christmas wedding cakedecorate your cake with a Christmas tree-shaped design too. Cut the cake using a knife in the shape of a Christmas stick to make it more Christmas oriented.

Everyone has a dream dress in his/her mind for the wedding. The dress that girls usually dream about is a white gown with an elegant and lovely flare. There is no need to change the dress entirely. Just add some small details to make it Christmas ready. Tie a red-colored bow at the back and wear a Christmas themed crown. The groom can wear a red or white pant court with a Christmas tree-shaped flower in his front pocket.

What to wear to a Christmas wedding is an important question too. The guests can also wear dresses inspired by the theme. Ladies can wear a red top with a white skirt or pair a white gown with some red scarf or sandal. Boys can wear a red shirt paired with white denim, or a white shirt with red polka dots will look amazing.

So, what are you waiting for! Use these incredible ideas to make your big day even more special!

Christmas Wedding FAQS:

What To Wear To A Christmas Wedding As A Guest?

When you plan on attending a Christmas wedding, dress up according to the time of the event. You can wear something in between casual and formal. Prefer darker colors if it’s a night event and opt for light-colored dresses if the event is at night.

Which Christmas Song Was Written For A Wedding Gift?

‘Step into Christmas’ was the song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin as a wedding gift.

Thank You, Notes Christmas Wedding What To Write?

There are several thank you notes that can be written for a Christmas wedding. “It warmed our hearts when we opened your gifts,” “I appreciate this presents of yours,” and much more.

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