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Christmas is a festival of happiness and joy. It’s an occasion of spreading love. There are various ways of celebrating Christmas all around the world. Still, the primary purpose of reviving the true spirit of Christmas is constant everywhere. Here is an overview of the Christmas Traditions in different countries around the world.

Christmas Traditions Around The World

German Christmas Traditions:

The central part of Christmas traditions in Germany is Advent. Several types of advent calendars are used in homes there. There is a tradition of hanging 24 boxes with the tree; each box has a present in it. The Christmas trees hold great importance in Germany. There is a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree secretly without letting the children know about it. There is a custom in some parts of Germany to recite Bible and sing Christmas songs on Christmas eve. The exchange of gifts and presents within family happens on Christmas Eve too. ‘Frohe Weihnachten’ is Merry Christmas in German.

Mexican Christmas Traditions:

In Mexico, December 12th to January 6th are the days of celebration of Christmas. Posadas are famous in Mexico, where they celebrate Christmas in their style. The houses are decorated with paper lanterns and evergreens. Different places hold the Posadas, and on the final day, it happens in the home of the master or leader. Another famous Christmas play in Mexico is Pastorals, where some funny and entertaining shepherds are told. Nacimiento- clay figures are ubiquitous in Mexico, and they are giant. ‘Feliz Navidad’ is Merry Christmas in Spanish as most people speak this language in Mexico.

American Christmas Traditions:

People in America like to go to Churches on Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They want to decorate their houses with elegant lights and often use Santa Claus for decoration. The Christmas tree is very famous in the USA. People also send each other Christmas cards on this occasion. Arranging a feast for the entire family is also a tradition in America. Towns and cities are decorated at Christmas in America.

Russian Christmas Traditions:

January 7th is the day of celebration of Christmas in Russia. ‘s rah-Zh-deest-VOHM’ is Merry Christmas in Russian. There is a tradition in some parts of Russia to fast on Christmas Eve until the first star’s appearance in the sky. People eat ‘sochivo’ or ‘kutia’, which is a kind of porridge to break the fast. There is also a tradition among some Orthodox Russians not to eat any fish or meat during the Christmas feast. The meal on Christmas Eve often contains 12 dishes as a representation of the 12 disciples of Jesus. After the meal, people say their prayers, and there is a tradition of visiting the Church after that. Another different practice of Russia is that people don’t wash their dishes until their return from the Church.

Russia Christmas

British Christmas Traditions:

In Great Britain, there is a tradition of celebrating Christmas together with the family and watch each other open the presents or gifts. Christmas Trees are quite famous in Britain and are decorated with the help of the entire family. The towns, villages, and cities are decorated with elegant lights on Christmas. Oxford Street in London looks the most beautiful at Christmas. There is a common belief among children in Britain that Santa Claus leaves presents hanging stockings on Christmas. To make this belief even firmer, the family’s elders hide a gift in the socks secretly.

French Christmas Traditions:

A Nativity crib is used to help decorate the house in France. These have clay figures in them. The Nativity figures are sold in some towns and cities during December. Merry Christmas is ‘Joyeux Noël’ in French.

Logs are burned in French homes at Christmas. It is a common tradition in France to allow the log and the candles to burn and some food and drinks left out in the case. It is believed that this would be beneficial for Mary and Jesus if they happened to pass by at night. Santa Claus is called “Père Noël” in France. Réveillon is the most famous dish which is eaten on Christmas Eve in France. A chocolate sponge cake is usually eaten for dessert in France.

Christmas Eve Traditions:

In addition to Christmas, the traditions on Christmas Eve also vary around the world. Everyone has different Christmas Eve traditions. These may be setting out a feast for Santa or reciting verses from the Bible. In the US, there is a tradition of setting out a dinner for Santa. A lot of candidates open their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve in Canada. Russian custom is to fast until evening on Christmas Eve. A huge feast is arranged for the entire family on Christmas Eve in Spain, and the list is vast. Similarly, various Family Christmas Traditions include playing multiple games with family, exchanging gifts, giving each other Christmas Cards, decorating the Christmas tree with family, and much more.

Christmas Traditions For Couples:

Christmas is an excellent time for the couples to get close to each other and enjoy this cozy and romantic time together. There are various couples’ traditions for Christmas. The most famous ceremony is taking your partner on a relaxing and romantic date. It can be a hot chocolate or a candlelight dinner. The couples celebrate this day by giving each other flowers, watching a movie together, exchanging romantic gifts, and much more. The primary purpose is to enjoy this blessed day with your loved one. Checkout what to do on Christmas eve?.

The celebrations of Christmas are different in different regions. Still, it is regarded as equally sacred and blessed throughout the world. So, enjoy this Christmas with your loved ones.

Christmas Traditions FAQS:

1. What day do Christmas traditions begin in Germany?

The Christmas Traditions begin in Germany on 24th December. This is also called Christmas Eve and is the last day of Advent.

2. Where did Christmas traditions come from?

Christmas celebrations began in Rome in 336. Most of the Christmas traditions, including decorations, embellishment of trees, etc. started in Germany. They became popular in other parts of the world, especially the US and England.

Happy Christmas Day!

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