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Christmas is the time of the year that everyone looks forward to. It’s time to enjoy the festivities. Not only Christmas day, but the entire month is full of these little festivities. Every person has a different way of enjoying any festival. Some are loud, so they want the festivals by going out, arranging parties, and chilling out. At the same time, others like to enjoy auspicious occasions like Christmas Day by staying at home. They want to spend festivals with the family. But, every person, whether male or female, child, or adult, loves to do at the festivals. It’s self-cleaning or self-pampering.

best christmas nail art designs

Everyone wants to look good at the festivals. There are a lot of ways to do this. Buying new clothes, shoes, and giving yourself a spa at home are some of the main things every other person loves to do. It’s not only the choice in clothes that makes your festival ready. Nails play an equally important part of doing this. Nails need to be perfectly clean and polished, and festival ready. Another thing that can be done is to apply a nail paint that matches your Christmas Outfit or create a Christmas Nail Art.

Nails are an essential part of one’s personality. These days various nail arts have gained popularity. Girls love to paint their nails according to the occasion. On Christmas, different Christmas Nail Designs and Christmas Nail Colors are loved by all. If you are looking for Easy Christmas Nail designs or Christmas Nail Ideas, here are some of the best ideas.

Nail Designs For Christmas:

Here are some of the best Christmas nail art ideas that will give you a Christmas vibe this year. These designs include Snowflakes, unicorn designs, the color combination of Christmas inspired designs, and various others. Let us have a look at some of the Best Christmas Nail Art Ideas.

Nail Designs For Christmas

Christmas Red Nail Paint With White Stars:

Christmas Red Nail Paint With White StarsThe most elegant and straightforward nail art that you can do at Christmas is this. In this design, all you need to do is apply a base coat of red color on your nail. If the red nail paint you are going for is bright red and has some chunks of glitter in it, that would be a plus point. But if you are going with a simple dark red nail paint, that will work too. After applying the red coat, take a white nail paint and a brush. Do keep it in mind that the tip of the brush should be thin yet firm. Using the brush, make small white dots on the red nail paint that you had applied before. In the corner of your nail, draw a small perpendicular line and intersect it with a line at the right angle. And there you go! Elegant-looking nail art is ready.

10 Easy Christmas Nail Arts Video:

Christmas French Manicure:

Manicures are loved by all and are quite simple too. This Christmas make your nails look festive ready with a Christmas-themed French Manicure. Apply silver nail paint on the tips of your nails just the way you do a French manicure. Top it up with a transparent topcoat. After it gets dry, make a flower with the help of a brush on one nail. Keep the flower red. And your festive nail art is done!

Snow Inspired Nail Art for Christmas:

Another fantastic and cute nail art that you can go for this Christmas is snow inspired nail art. It’s not very basic but looks enchanting. For this, apply a silver or grey nail coat. On top of that, make the snowflake on the pointer and small finger. Leave the thumb and the finger adjacent to pointer finger grey only. And here comes the best part. Take out a brush and white nail paint. With the help of the brush, draw a snowman on the nail of the ring finger. Work on the detailing using black and red nail color and snow inspired nail art is complete.

Present Tie Nail Art:

Gifts and Presents are the specialities of Christmas. So, don’t forget to express them through your nail art. Apply red and white nail paints on alternate nails. On the red nails, make a present tie using white nail paint and vice versa.

Santa Hat Nail Design:

Take white nail paint and apply it on your nails, alternatively-skipping one nail. On the blank nail, draw a Santa Hat and top all the nails up with a transparent topcoat.

Christmas Tree Nail Art:

Make a superb and luxurious Christmas tree on your nails this year. Apply a sky-blue coat on your nails. It will give a smooth and snowy effect on your nails. Now take out a green and a brown nail paint and draw a Christmas tree on two fingers of your choice with a brush’s help. Use different colored nail paints to decorate your tree. Apply a top coat, and you are done! If you want to add more shine to your nails, you can use some crystals too.

Christmas Toenail Designs:

You can make all the nail designs, as mentioned earlier, on your toenails too. This will make your feet look elegant and beautiful. Just keep a few Christmas Nail Tips in mind:

  • Use a firm brush with a thin tip to make your nails more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Don’t forget to apply a topcoat. It will keep the nail art firm for a longer duration.
  • Take inspiration from everything related to Christmas while doing your Nail Art.
  • Keep the real spirit of Christmas alive.


Happy Christmas Day!

Christmas Nail Art FAQS:

1. What is the best nail polish color for Christmas?

Creamish White is the best nail polish color for Christmas. Red is also a significant color on this day.

2. How much should I give to my nail person for Christmas?

It would be best if you gave around 25$ to 50$ to your nail person for Christmas. You can buy a small gift for her as well.

3. What is the most popular nail for Christmas?

Christmas themed bright red, green, or white nail is the most popular nail for Christmas.


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