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Christmas is the time that is longed for by everyone, whether it be children or adults. The winter season is finally here, and the wait of weeks, even months, is over. It would be best if you had a lot of activities in your mind to do this Christmas. We have listed down some exciting and fun activities for you as well. Let us have a look at these fantastic activities and make your Christmas even more exciting and crazy.

What To Do on Christmas

1. Create Your Own Christmas Tree

This Christmas, let your creative self-come out and design a different Christmas tree. Instead of buying a Christmas tree from the market and spending money on all those ornaments and stockings for the decoration of the tree, this time make your own Christmas tree. You can take out all the old photos of yours and any postcards or paintings you have and arrange them in the shape of a tree. Use a blank wall to stick them. And ta-da, your own Christmas tree is ready.

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2. Use Your Old Skates

Another fun activity to do this Christmas is to visit your storeroom and take out the old skates that have been resting there for a long time. If they are worn out, use a DIY and paint them in your favorite color. Now, add a bit of greenery into them from your backyard. Hang these skates on your front doorknob.

3. Tabletop Tree

Decorate a tree in small size and use short and cute ornaments on its decoration. This can be kept on your table and will add to the aesthetic of it.

4. Hang Stockings

The Christmas décor is never complete until you hang stockings at various corners of your home. You can make crochet stockings on your own or buy some from the market. Give final touches to your décor and hang them at your favorite corners.

5. Dessert

This Christmas set a new family tradition and come up with a completely different and delicious dessert idea. Cheesecake or gingerbread will be an excellent option for this purpose.

6. Collect Santa Figures

If you have never really collected the Santa figures before, now is the right time to start doing it. Gather a massive collection of cute Santa in numerous sizes. These adorable Santa figures can also be used in the Christmas décor and make the house more alluring.

7. Display of Holiday Cards

Turn all your creativity into practical work and develop a fantastic idea for displaying your holiday cards. You can make a board to show these cards using cardboard or use some Christmas decoration ornaments and make their best use.

8. Gingerbread House

Enhance your baking skills this Christmas and bake a delicious hut shaped gingerbread, also called gingerbread house. Use all the candies and chocolates at your place and make it look like the most delightful house ever existed.

Gingerbread House

9. Craft With Your Kids

Christmas is the time that is loved by children a lot. They enjoy everything about Christmas. Make them help you with Christmas Day. Keep a day fixed for crafting with them, and don’t forget to use their crafts while decorating the house for Christmas.

10. Christmas Tree Farm

The Christmas trees are the most significant part of Christmas day, and to enjoy more of it; you can visit a Christmas tree farm near your house. You can take your kid along too.

11. Ice Skating

Go to a place to go ice skating with your family. This will double fold the joy as you will celebrate both Christmas and Wintertime side by side. So, never miss this chance.

12. Polar Express Train Ride

Another fantastic activity this Christmas is to have a ride on Polar Express Train. To revive the old memories, make sure to read a book on it before going for a polar express ride.

13. Video Call an Old Friend of Yours.

Take good advantage of technology and make a video call to your old friend. This will refresh all your precious memories in your mind. Talk with him and remember all those Christmases that you guys have spent together.

christmas video call

14. Listen to Christmas Music

Music enhances the joy and pleasure of everything. You can make a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs and play them on a loop. This will give a complete Christmas vibe to your place.

15. Watch Your Favorite Christmas Show.

Christmas is the best time to enjoy with family. This Christmas, enjoy your favorite Christmas Show with your family in the comfort of your bed and make some cute memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

16. Serve at a Shelter

Giving back to the people and the community is an excellent way of celebrating Christmas and other such holidays. Serve a delicious meal at a nearby shelter and keep the true spirit of Christmas alive.

17. Christmas Cookies

This Christmas, spend as much time as you can with your family. You can bake delicious cookies with your family members’ help, and baking is more fun when done together. Bake those cookies in various cute shapes and decorate them creatively and pleasantly. The best way would be to bake Christmas’ Inspired cookies.

Christmas Cookies

18. Family Photo Shoot

Do you remember the last time you and your family had done a photoshoot? If not, this is the best time to arrange a family photo shoot. Capture the happy and precious moments of your life with the eye of a camera.

19. A Santa Key

If you live in an apartment with no chimney and wonder how you can explain the arrival of Santa to your kids, this is the best idea for you. Make a Santa Key and decorate it with some Christmas inspired pearls.

20. Build a Snowman

The most loved activity for winters is building a snowman. So, never miss out on this activity whenever you are listing down your Christmas Activities, and look, we have not missed out on this one too. Build a snowman with your kids and family members and enjoy.

Happy Christmas’ Celebrations!

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